JACOB (JAvaScript Cross-browser Organiser for Bookmarks) - Beta 4

Navigate the list of links with the aid of the category picker to the right and entering search terms in the text box. Typing in text will narrow down the available selection by finding matches for what you've typed in. Then click on a name in the list on the left and press the go button to visit that site.

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Based on Categorized & Searchable List Boxes by S.G.Chipman, which was released under a Creative Commons Licence. Recoded by Chris Hester 25 October 2005. Last updated 17 November 2005. About this demo.

Changes in Beta 4 (17 November 2005)

  1. Categories and names are now truncated to allow for both if they use long words. Previously the category was not shown in brackets if the name was too long. I added code to balance the length of both words, but it didn't look right. As it stands, names can still overlap the columns if mostly wide characters like "m" are used in them. But allowing for this makes normal names appear cut off too soon. See the example links I put in with lots of "m"s in them. What to do...
  2. Switched to UTF-8 encoding. Now the 3 dots after truncated names can be represented by a single character '…' instead, saving space. UTF-8 will also help with bookmark names including accents and non-English characters.
  3. Improved the code in various ways, such as when there are more categories than links. Previously, this led to a scrollbar appearing in the first column. Also allowed for when truncated names end in a space, by cutting off the space before the 3 dots were added.

Changes in Beta 3 (11 November 2005)

  1. Added multiple categories
  2. Made long URLs and names truncated
  3. Links now show the category after them
  4. Loads of other subtle improvements

Changes in Beta 2 (31 October 2005)

  1. URLs now listed as well
  2. URLs are searchable!
  3. Cleaned up design and moved things about
  4. Improved the code
  5. Added possible shading for odd rows - untested (needs more work) - removed
  6. Started work on updating the links
  7. Made Clear button erase messages
  8. Coded multiple categories but it breaks the way the whole program works. Will require a new method.

Work in progress! Still to do:

  1. Multiple categories per link
  2. Searchable tags
  3. Show URL of links
  4. Add/remove links
  5. Import/export of links
  6. Update the design
  7. Update the links (some done)
  8. Filter URLs before search check (knock off prefix and suffix up to first dot) - can't do incase link has another link as a variable on the end of it. (Got it to work for normal links, but removed the code.)
  9. Clear highlight in Name list if URL clicked on (to avoid confusion) and vice versa?
  10. NAMES DON'T MATCH URLS IF EITHER LIST IS SCROLLED! Convert to tables and use code to select?
  11. Sort out flickering caused by scrollbars appearing briefly in Firefox 1.5. How to remove scrollbars altogether? (CSS overflow:hidden doesn't work! (At least not in Firefox.))
  12. Add box to show full link?
  13. Sort out inner border round each select in IE6.


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