JACOB - Beta 7


Based on Categorized & Searchable List Boxes by S.G.Chipman, which was released under a Creative Commons Licence.

Recoded by Chris Hester 25 October 2005. Last updated 16 January 2006. About this demo.

Changes in Beta 7 (16 January 2006)

  1. Placed CSS into separate stylesheet.
  2. Fixed various bugs.
  3. Added code to highlight changes to the list of outstanding improvements below. Only the last changes are highlighted, but previous ones remain shown in the code by using an unstyled CSS class. You might wish to style all classes to show the changes if you like. View the source and scroll down to the bottom of the page if you're not sure what I'm on about.
  4. Added a form to enter a new bookmark. It offers a list of the current categories to choose from, or you can add a new one. Alas I realised that although I can add to the existing links, JavaScript offers no way to save them as a file. This means the demo is basically pointless, as any refresh will clear the newly added bookmarks. I don't want the user to have to add these manually by editing the code. I should have known about this before tackling this demo.
       I will now pause and think how to move this forward. I could link to a second page which shows the links as raw code, but the user will then have to copy and paste what's on screen and save it into a file. However, even that won't work as JavaScript can't access local files. So basically at the moment I'm stuck. Any ideas, let me know.
  5. Update: I can possibly use XMLHttpRequest to include files. There is a problem with IE6 (what's new?) which apparently will give a warning message when using a local file this way. Even so, this technique is the only way forward I can see. I just have to learn how to use it by studying this page.

Changes in Beta 6 (5 December 2005)

  1. Clicking on a name, link or tag now highlights the same line in the adjacent columns.
  2. You can now edit the links in the source code without worrying about the array numbers.
  3. Added more links.
  4. Removed the categories in brackets.
  5. Clicking 'All' no longer lists duplicate names (unless they are separate bookmarks with the same name but different links, or genuine duplicates in the code which should be removed).

Changes in Beta 5 (22 November 2005)

  1. Added searchable tags!
  2. Enabled fluid width for the columns within a fixed div. This appears to be the only way to deal with long links reasonably. Now opening a category of short links fits the columns to the text. Viewing longer links stretches the columns but does not cause them to drop below the others, due to the container div. Now the user is free to scroll to view any long URLs that don't quite fit the screen. I am cautious of making all the columns fit a screen size of 1024 x 768, but very long links or bookmark names may cause the user to scroll.
  3. Doubled the length of bookmark names, category titles and URLs that are shown before getting cut off with a 3-dot suffix.
  4. The height of the columns now matches the links shown.

Some Browser Notes:

Changes in Beta 4 (17 November 2005)

  1. Categories and names are now truncated to allow for both if they use long words. Previously the category was not shown in brackets if the name was too long. I added code to balance the length of both words, but it didn't look right. As it stands, names can still overlap the columns if mostly wide characters like "m" are used in them. But allowing for this makes normal names appear cut off too soon. See the example links I put in with lots of "m"s in them. What to do...
  2. Switched to UTF-8 encoding. Now the 3 dots after truncated names can be represented by a single character '…' instead, saving space. UTF-8 will also help with bookmark names including accents and non-English characters.
  3. Improved the code in various ways, such as when there are more categories than links. Previously, this led to a scrollbar appearing in the first column. Also allowed for when truncated names end in a space, by cutting off the space before the 3 dots were added.

Changes in Beta 3 (11 November 2005)

  1. Added multiple categories
  2. Made long URLs and names truncated
  3. Links now show the category after them
  4. Loads of other subtle improvements

Changes in Beta 2 (31 October 2005)

  1. URLs now listed as well
  2. URLs are searchable!
  3. Cleaned up design and moved things about
  4. Improved the code
  5. Added possible shading for odd rows - untested (needs more work) - removed
  6. Started work on updating the links
  7. Made Clear button erase messages
  8. Coded multiple categories but it breaks the way the whole program works. Will require a new method.

Work in progress! Still to do:

  1. Multiple categories per link
  2. Searchable tags
  3. Show URL of links
  4. Add/remove links - filter ampersands for XHTML
  5. Import/export of links
  6. Update the design
  7. Update the links (some done)
  8. Filter URLs before search check (knock off prefix and suffix up to first dot) - can't do incase link has another link as a variable on the end of it. (Got it to work for normal links, but removed the code.)
  9. Clear highlight in Name list if URL clicked on (to avoid confusion) and vice versa? - Tried to make it so when you click on a name, it also highlights the link, but the code doesn't work, despite being accurately written as far as I can tell. Something for future browsers (or better programmers!) perhaps.
  10. NAMES DON'T MATCH URLS IF EITHER LIST IS SCROLLED! Convert to tables and use code to select?
  11. Sort out flickering caused by scrollbars appearing briefly in Firefox 1.5. How to remove scrollbars altogether? (CSS overflow:hidden doesn't work! (At least not in Firefox.))
  12. Add box to show full link?
  13. Sort out inner border round each select in IE6
  14. Add special category "All" for links array?
  15. Add ENTER key to open link (scrolling down loses Go button on screen). Or duplicate Go button at bottom
  17. Optimise code
  18. Allow deletion of categories. (What happens to links?)
  19. Hide the Add Bookmark form rather than use innerHTML to create it. Otherwise I don't seem to able to get the values from the inputs using the DOM.
  20. If you type something like &#1236 in as a search, the results text shows them as entities.
  21. Bug: if you type in a search, then add a new bookmark, clicking a category fails to find anything.


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