Maria JosÚ Cam§es "A virtual fine art gallery of her acrylic and mixed media paintings (recent, 90's and 80's). A complete portuguese version is also available."
Angela Cater Pet Portraits Animal art and portraits of pets can be enjoyed here
Celtic.com Over 1000 postcards celebrating Celtic traditions and scenery
Nick Chaldakov's Photography Gallery Professional looking site with a range of quality photography
Christina Gallery View Impressionistic oil paintings, antique US maps, engravings...
Chimera Publishing Very impressive source for sci-fi, fantasy art, and more. Just go there!
Alexander Chubar "Contemporary figurative paintings and drawings by Alexander Chubar. The site includes still lifes, figures, portraits and interiors. Some art works comprise erotic and mythological themes"
Jacques Collas The modern art paintings of impressionist Belgian painter Jacques Collas (1903-1986)
Contact Gallery Digital art work and photography by a group of new artists along with philosophical insights into their approach.
Corrie's Gallery Interesting site featuring great original artwork by Corrie Kuipers. Features some excellent links
Cupola Paintings from the walls inside the Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Take an artistic voyage into imagery from the "Final Judgement"

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