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September 2022

  • Updated my collection of poems to include my tribute to The Queen: Spare Parts (15th)

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March 2012

  • Meomi is super cute! Don't miss the portfolio. ( (2nd)
    [Screenshot of Meomi]
  • Sarah Parmenter's use of colour and vintage photographs on her site You Know Who impressed me. ( (2nd)
    [Screenshot of You Know Who]


November 2011

  • Fuzzco's impressive design for Two Boroughs Larder mixes traditional type arrangements with modern use of colour. (23rd)
    [Screenshot of Fuzzco's Larder design]
  • The Lit Pub is another bold and colourful design by Fuzzco. (23rd)
    [Screenshot of The Lit Pub]
  • Web Design with Style, Ease, and CSS (19th)
  • Jeffrey Zeldman tweeted about my links: "Web design resources from back in the day. How many still exist?" Made my day! Thank you sir! (19th)
  • I've updated the Resources Links, adding more screenshots too. (19th)

October 2011


December 2010

  • Emigre uses grids and many changing images to grab your attention. (5th)
    [Screenshot of Emigre]
  • Superb showcase for creative agency Lisa Tse. (5th)
    [Screenshot of Lisa Tse]
  • Alphadesigner is the website of highly skilled artist, designer and illustrator Yanko Tsvetkov. (5th)
    [Screenshot of Alphadesigner]
  • Syster is Dom McLoughlin's impressive freelance website that you're bound to get inspiration from. (5th)
    [Screenshot of Syster]
  • Superb illustrations by Eleftheria Alexandri: I Like Yellow. (5th)
  • Incredible "papergraphics" of Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya. (5th)
  • Clever print ads: Noma Bar · IBM 'Outcomes' Campaign. (5th)

September 2010

  • Jemjabella is looking good, with folder-like backgrounds per post and colourful flower paintings used to good effect. (22nd)
    [Screenshot of Jemjabella]

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September 2009

  • Typedia - "A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces." (17th)

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April 2008

  • Immersive Media - More 3D videos. Awesome! (8th)
  • 3D Video - Wow. The future has arrived! Watch 3D videos of places you can look around in. It's just like being there. (8th)

March 2008


December 2007

November 2007

  • Don't miss the superb illustrations of Gustavo Aimar. (18th)
  • Pixelmator: "Photoshop killer? I doubt it. But an affordable app that seems to have plenty of potential." (Via Cameron Moll) (17th)

July 2007

  • Sanna Annukka - Unmissable artwork from the artist who did the amazing Keane album art. (27th)

February 2007

January 2007


December 2006

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August 2006

  • Geotagging - one day later - Fascinating post about how Flickr searches work. "More than 228,000,000 photos have been uploaded, with over a million new photos being added on a good day... This is one of the largest real-time search indexes in the world." (31st)
  • An Open letter to John Warnock - I was only thinking recently along these lines myself. I couldn't agree more! (30th)
  • Great shot - where'd you take that? - Flickr adds maps to show where your photos were taken. Will rivals Zooomr now disappear? (29th)
  • CSS Suxxx - The title of one song by a band called CSS, which is "Portuguese for 'Tired of Being Sexy'"! (21st)
  • Regeneration Game - How the BBC plan to get around Dr Who's limited number of regenerations. Caution: major plot spoiler for Series 3!! (19th)

July 2006

  • Don't Believe the Hype - Amazingly accurate look at the future of the internet, from 1996. (Via). (29th)
  • Some links for light reading - Found this in my referrals. 16 links that look like promising reading, though I haven't checked them all myself. (29th)
  • Zooomr - "Wouldn't it be neat to see where a photo was taken and all of the photos around it?" - Cool new online photo sharing site to rival Flickr. (28th)
  • An interesting CSS problem: Inner borders - Clever idea for adding a border to an image without making it any bigger. (28th)
  • Dvorak and CSS - I'm linking to this discussion on Dvorak's controversial anti-CSS rant because he responds himself in the comments. (28th)
  • The Design Encyclopedia - "A growing, collaborative resource that describes, tracks and explains culture, commerce, politics, media, sports, brands - everything possible, really - through design." (28th)
  • Joshua Davis Art - How he uses Illustrator to create amazing images. (13th)

June 2006

  • XML is dead! - Tantek argues that XML is not the best future storage method. (30th)
  • Burned - Photos of burns victims that will move you. (30th)
  • Machine's photos - The master of everyday photography and female model friends. (30th)
  • Wow factor - "A showcase of the best designs on the web." (30th)
  • Worst Animation Ever? - It shakes! It jumps! (30th)
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom - Zoom graphics and text by combining two existing methods. (30th)
  • Sharp Framing - Neat way to retain detail by using both JPG and GIF for one image. (30th)

March 2006

February 2006

  • CSS Beauty. (24th)
  • Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic - Great comparison of recent presentations made by Jobs and Gates that seems to sum up the different approaches of the two companies and their products. (19th)
  • Opera start releasing weekly builds! - No more waiting months for a new version. (14th)
  • Wow Factor - Loads and loads of interesting site links. (14th)
  • Slightly interesting ant marcher demo - Their description, not mine. An animated circle using divs! (14th)
  • Live DOM Viewer - I don't know how long this has been out, but it's incredible. Enter live HTML and see exactly how each browser renders it. See exactly how broken tags are repaired. You'll be surprised at the huge differences between browsers. Many actually add tags that aren't even in your code! (9th)

January 2006


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December 2004

November 2004

  • Bug Reports - Report or read about CSS and JavaScript bugs in many browsers. (26th)
  • Opera and "Open the web" - "A story of uninformed Opera zealots and bowing to market pressure." (26th)
  • Project: Fangs - A Firefox extension showing how a web page might appear to a screen reader which reads it out. (26th)
  • The Next World (Life At The Dawn Of The Gaming Century) - Super-huge screens and a total-surround dome for games - I've been waiting for something like this to become reality! (26th)
  • CSS Columns - Now implemented in Mozilla! Yes, CSS columns are finally here! (26th)
  • Screen Grab Confab, vol. II - Awesome samples of what people are working on. As inspiring as the CSS Zen Garden. (26th)
  • Zooiblog - I love the rough-edged design and use of basic colours on this site. Love the hover graphic on links too. (I know the site is probably just done with Photoshop brushes, but I'm personally tired of seeing indentikit clean and sharp sites. We need more brave designs like this one.) (26th)
  • Phono Phunk - Brilliant design. Great use of rounded corners. Why aren't more sites like this? Check the simple rollover effect on the menu! (26th)
  • Spyware in Firefox? - This is causing a lot of concern on forums. (18th)
  • XML 2.0 - Ideas for a simpler version of XML. (via) (18th)
  • The DENG Project - A Flash browser that handles XForms, SVG, XHTML, XFrames and more, in just 76Kb! (18th)
  • iPod Mania - Excellent post defending the popularity of the iPod. (18th)
  • Can We Speed Up Browser Evolution? - What's wrong with the current browser model. (18th)
  • Popup Blocker Test - How well does your browser do? (18th)

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