Here are some good designs I've detected recently...

[Screenshot of Meomi]
Meomi is super cute! Don't miss the portfolio · 2nd Mar 2012
[Screenshot of You Know Who
Sarah Parmenter's use of colour and vintage photographs on her site You Know Who impressed me · 2nd Mar 2012
[Screenshot of Fuzzco's Larder design]
Fuzzco's impressive design for Two Boroughs Larder mixes traditional type arrangements with modern use of colour · 23rd Nov 2011
[Screenshot of The Lit Pub]
The Lit Pub is another bold and colourful design by Fuzzco · 23rd Nov 2011
[Screenshot of New Adventures In Web Design Conference 2011]
I was immediately struck by the bold colours and minimalist design of the New Adventures In Web Design Conference 2011 website · 25th Oct 2011
[Screenshot of Emigre]
Emigre uses grids and many changing images to grab your attention · 5th Dec 2010
[Screenshot of Lisa Tse]
Superb showcase for creative agency Lisa Tse · 5th Dec 2010
[Screenshot of Alphadesigner]
Alphadesigner is the website of highly skilled artist, designer and illustrator Yanko Tsvetkov · 5th Dec 2010

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Last updated: 6th May 2012

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