XHTML & Netscape 6

TABLE BUG (Netscape 6.2)
In the table below, cell 5 should be all pink, but Netscape 6.2 has stopped tiling the image used for the background! The strange thing is, it worked fine with Netscape 6.1. Until I find a fix for this, I can only put it down as a bug. It only affects tables in XHTML mode.

Example of table bug

The red line is the left edge of the background tile image used. Only the left edge and the base are red, yet there is no red base seen in cell 5.

See the table code in action here. View the source to see the XHTML.

IMAGES TRICK (Netscape 6.2)
XHTML tables breaking up due to images in the cells gaining too much space? Put this in your style sheet to ensure visual browser compatibility!

td img {display:block;}

Thanks to the guys over at the A List Apart Forums for that one. (Sadly the forums are down at the moment for maintenance so I cannot give an exact credit. The code has also I think been posted elsewhere.)

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